Monday, May 22, 2017

A New Blog

Dear Something Beautiful Every Day subscribers~

After a two-month break, I'm back with a brand-new lifestyles blog -- a sequel to "Something Beautiful Every Day" -- but with a slightly different spin. 

"Things that make me happyis a new site for sharing thoughts on anything that strikes my fancy -- a book I'm reading, a pair of cool shoes, the perfect shade of lipstick, photos of family and things I love, quirky garden ornaments, souvenirs from my travels, and anything else I'd post on Facebook if I were still on Facebook.

To receive email updates for the new blog, you'll need to start a new subscription for the blog on its new site. Click here to view current posts on the new blog and to subscribe for updates.  

Please note that the "Something Beautiful Every Day" site will remain live but I won't be adding new posts there. Thanks so much again for keeping in touch, and I hope you enjoy the new blog!

Cindy La Ferle 

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